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LTD Bottle Set - ONLY 25 LEFT!

LTD Bottle Set - ONLY 25 LEFT!

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“Which bottle is yours?”

“It’s the one that says Þetta reddast!

Þetta reddast is the Icelandic word for everything is going to be OK, we’re going to fix it. Or, according the the Iceland Search and Rescue we met in the middle of the Icelandic Highlands, Þetta reddast, in English, means ‘Get er done’!

So, next time you find yourself alone, surrounded by 3 active volcanoes, racing against time, fording swollen glacial rivers and surrounded by the emptiness of glacial moraine, you can reach for your LTD Shared Territory Þetta reddast Water Bottle, and be assured you’re going to be alright.

LIMITED EDITION - We are only producing a 100 sets of these bottles and once they are going, they are gone!


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