Stories of Human Powered Exploration


SHARED TERRITORY IS CURRENTLY ON TOUR WITH The GiddyUp Film Fest, make sure to check their events page to catch us on the BIG SCREEN!

If you’d like to request that Shared Territory visits a territory near you let us know! (click here to contact us)

Shared Territory – Iceland’ documents the re-discovery of ‘Sprengisandur’, a pre-Medieval Trans-Icelandic route first referenced in Hrafnkels saga. ‘Sprengisandur’ loosely translated means the sandy trail of exploded horses.”


“Shared Territory Iceland is more than a beautiful film. It reminded me what really inspires adventure riding: Surprises, challenges, new characters, and seeking a new perspective.”

“Seriously, the absolute best bike film I’ve ever seen. It didn’t even matter you were biking, even non-riders would love this. Every bike rider and traveler needs to see this.”

“Screw the rover! Send these guys to Mars.”

“Such an incredible and inspiring film. Thank you for creating this!”

“What adventure films should be. A great tale of mythical legend rediscovered by modern day adventurers. The riders, the challenges and the adventure kept me hooked until the very end.”

“Thanks for making such interesting, inspiring films.”

“Justin & Remi, hello! I attended your premiere this evening, and while I didn’t share this with you two in-person, I at least wanted to share this over Instagram...thank you for the mindfulness, respect, and humbleness within your film. I cannot tell you of how refreshing it was to see an adventure-based film that omitted phrases of conquering or dominating the earth. Your intentionality was so worthwhile to see, as you both respected the land and the people. I love that you’re raising funds for search and rescue, and that you’re furthering where the outdoor/environmental sector needs to go. As someone that has been to the island, as well as someone who researched diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within outdoor volunteer programs in graduate school, your film meant so much. Thank you for what you’re doing for the outdoor community and beyond. Really proud of you two.”


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Shared Territory is headlining the GiddyUp Film Tour. You can can catch it at the Lincoln Center. Filmmaker, Justin Balog, will be in attendance to answer questions and tell ghost stories!

Earlier Event: April 10
Later Event: May 14